Sunday, November 13, 2016

Photos by Richard Schaffhausen

Information Booth
Note the posters on the wall

BNWR-50 T-shirts on sale at the Nature Store

Jim Williams (right) with a visitor at the
Railroad and Sulfur exhibit
This exhibit was sponsored by the Brazos Valley Railroad Society

Michael Bailey, representing the Brazoria Historical Militia
Michael presented a historic talk about the
six flags that have flown over Texas

Jim Bohot (right) and Jim Calvert (center) inspecting the
Brazos Valley Railroad Society exhibit of HO Scale trainsets
Thanks to BVRS members Jim Bohot, Jim Williams, and
Jim Urban for presenting this exhibit

Brazosport Archaeological Society exhibit of historic artifacts.
Thanks to BAS members Sue Gross, Chris Kneupper,
Clint Lacy, and James Smith for their presenting this exhibit.

Brazosport Archaeological Society exhibit of historic artifacts.

Brazoria County Master Gardeners Association exhibit

Neeta Allen (left) with a visitor

Milkweed tent

Milkweed tent

Bubbles bubbles bubbles!

Birds of Prey program

Birds of Prey program
Steve Hoddy, Earthquest (right) with
Gaston Carson (Earthquest apprentice)

Birds of Prey program
Gaston Carson (left,), Steve Hoddy

Archery exhibit

Make your own kite!

Birds of Prey Program
Steve Hoddy with Storm, female Andean Condor

Lunch in the Pavilion

Brazosport Archaeological Society exhibit
Clint Lacy describes a Karankawa bow to visitors

Kid fishing


Air rifle target shooting

Kite flying
Make your own kits and fly it high!

A bale of turtles in a plastic box

Leyna Lewis shows a corn snake to a young visitor

Sea Center Texas touch tank

Search for treasures in a sandpile!

Butterfly encounter

Butterfly encounter

Butterfly encounter

Ruby Lewis introduces a young visitor to a juvenile alligator

Another young visitor meets the juvenile alligator

Layna Lewis introduces another visitor to a snake

Back to the turtles for another visit

Another young visitor meets the snake


Microscope lab

Discovery Center lobby permanent exhibit

Microscope lab

Conservation Partner Recognition Ceremony

Jennifer Sanchez

Percy Beacroft, Jr.

Ron Bisbee